You, our dear customer are getting more and more curious about Smooze. These are the frequently asked questions and if you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us here!

Is coconut a nut or a fruit?

Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm and botanically, it is classified as a simple dry fruit, fibrous drupe. Drupes are fleshy fruits with solitary seed and in this case, since the mesocarp (the middle part of a simple fruit) of coconut is fibrous or dry (in this case, called a husk), it's termed as a fibrous drupe.


Is it possible to have Smooze Fruit Ice in an easy tear packaging?

As Smooze is made from natural ingredients, we must use aseptic packaging to ensure the stability of the product shelf life.


Does Smooze Fruit Ice contain gluten?

No, it does not.


Why do I notice that my Smooze Fruit Ice has significant separation upon opening? How do I prevent it?

As Smooze Fruit Ice is made from natural ingredients and do not contain artificial additives such as stabilizers, product separation may easily occur. We will advise to shake each pack before freezing to minimize separation.


Does Smooze Fruit Ice use natural sweetener?

Indeed. Smooze Fruit Ice uses natural cane sugar.


Does Smooze Fruit Ice contains allergens?

Smooze Fruit Ice does not contain allergens such as peanuts and other tree nuts.


How long does Smooze Fruit Ice need to be frozen before consumption?

Smooze Fruit Ice should be frozen for at least 15 hours before consumption.


Why is there some discoloration on the top of my Smooze when I cut it open ?

It is caused by separation of the coconut milk and fruit purees. This happens sometimes in the Pineapple, Passion Fruit and Pink Guava.


How do I store Smooze?

Since it is Shelf Stable, you can keep it in the pantry. But please place it in the freezer 15 hours before you consume it. Smooze tastes best frozen!