Imported by:

Takari International, Inc.

2040 E. Locust Court - Ontario, CA 91761 USA

Takari International, Inc. is an Ontario, California based importer, exporter and distributor of Asian snack food, confectionery and coconut based products. We have been the exclusive importer of Smooze into North America since 2007 Our Mission is to provide unique and tasty food products from Asia for the North American consumers. Some of our brands are Kopiko Coffee Candy, Danisa Butter Cookies, Stikko Wafer Sticks, Inaco Aloe Vera Jelly, Panda Noodles, Squez'N'Bites Fruit Jelly, Takari Ginger Candy, Kara Coconut Cream, Coconut Milk, Coconut Flakes and Smooze All Natural Fruit Ice.