Smooze is the brainchild of a family based team of people who love coconut in all its forms, and are dedicated to bringing the best of this delicious, nutritious fruit to consumers across the world!

Smooze is made in a lush 100,000 hectare plantation in East Sumatra, Indonesia, and they can be literally packed within just hours of harvest since 1986 using world's best practice to improve environmental and ethical best standards. This ensures sustainability by balance of quality business and social wellnes. Produced on site at its HACCP and ISO accredited, the same used by Kara, the premium coconut milk brand.

Coconuts are one of the best sources of medium chain fatty acids, a fat source which aids in promoting increase in metabolic rate, improvement in digestion and nutrient absorbtion, retention of omega 3 fatty acids, immunity protection, anti-oxidant protection and many more.

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